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Monday, 14 February 2011

Kap Kallous - The She Ep


A follow up to his other popular concept EP "The TV EP" Florida native Kap Kallous is back with yet another short-story to tell. This time around with a Valentines day release we are sucked into the world of "The She EP"; a tumultuous tale of love and loss. The concept of this EP is the classic breakdown of a relationship through the course of five songs. The "She EP" begins with love at first sight(opening song "Thank You"), and then follows a downward spiral of lust, distrust, fantastical grandeur, and the inevitable breakup(final song "love is dead"). As always not your typical serving of Hip Hop normalcy Kap Kallous' "The She EP" will make you feel uncomfortably good yet slightly violated.

Download HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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