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Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Best video ever... Evaaaaaarrrrrrr

Ok so this video just caught this video... Wtf is an understatement.. I wish i could embed this video. Its amazing. but since it has content not suitable for youtube or vimeo i have to post a link. Could this be the best music video evaaaaarrr? According my standards......YES.. Please click the link. It s so worth watching.. till the End. Btw the music is great as well.

Click this to watch this video!!!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Albert Vargas - Love Love Love----- Approved BY ME

So my home Girl Lady J put this heat rock in my inbox. I thought i should share it with my two readers. If you like this buy it! Its dopesauce!!!!

Albert is an indie/alternative vocalist & musician from Miami - his Love Love Love EP was produced by Mr. Familiar who has worked with curtain$ x solange knowles x yelawolf x ghostwridah x dj ideal & many more.

Albert Vargas Love Love Love from LE MUSIC GROUP on Vimeo.

If you like it please please support the artist.

Click here to buy on Itunes

& please take second to 'like' LoveLoveLove on HypeM //
as well as 'add' on Facebook, Twitter ... and alllllll that jazz =D

Something I stumbled upon

So I don't encourage not supporting artists. but times are rough and music gets me through. so i get it how i can..

with that being said..


Free Music


So im not sayin this because im on this thing like 3 times.. Its actually a really dope album he compiled with other rappers from His hood in Sweden (which in my stupid American self thought was in Switzerland) , US and UK and even France. This project is all produced by him. Dope beats n dope Emcees such as Skyzoo, Verbal Kush, Supanice and Adam Tensta. I suggest You download it. Its free. and did i mention its Major Dopesauce.

Anton Pbc - Late Show From a Little Place Called Nowhere

One of the Tracks from the Album

Eternal Reflections

I have had the most hectic crazy busy week. As it comes to a wind down I have been reflecting a bit on the last few yrs.. It feels like ages since i was living in my car. Now i have no car and I'm traveling the world to do music. Anyhow its been an emotional week for a number of reasons. Some i wont get it into. The other day I woke up with an urge to cry. Not sure why but I was choked up. Couldn't figure why i was feeling like that. Almost like I had lost someone. I actually have been pretty happy as of lately. Maybe its the universe trying to tell me something. I'm not sure what though... Later on that day I found out that my friend / English sister just lost her grandma that day..My prayers go out to her and her loved ones.  Odd. I swear i haven't had 1 sec to stop and think about whats goin on lately. Life is crazy. Just how things happen. People come in and out your life. Move, come back, disappear, fall in out of love and so forth. I know this post seems a bit scattered but that just kinda how I feel at the moment. Just on the verge of something big but everything is scattered and the pieces are slowly coming together. So in honor of the future lets reflect on the past. With that being said, heres some stuff i dropped in the past couple yrs that might be slept on!!

Freakshow Continued

So heres the video That I tryed to upload when i first posted this madness. As far as the video shoot Insane. What a fucking crib this guy has. Party central. Sex dungeon is no joke.
Put it this way , i sat on the sex swing and when i bounced on it it detached from the hook and i landed on top of a shotgun only to have the metal bar hit me in the forehead and knee... my neck , my back n my crack where in pain (pause). so yeah peep the vid and the pic of High Rankin with the shotgun on a sex swing.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Life The Freak show..

OOOOH WOW!! where do I even begin with this. So last week I got woken up to one of Britain's most notorious Gangsters in my living room with his daughter and wife and daughters friend. Random,yes...Odd , yes... Scary,a bit.... So it was around 1 in the morning and they strolled in with my house mate Ian. Long story short, we took some pictures and chopped it a up a bit.. See pic below. ..
So those lovely shiney things on our hands are Knuckle Dusters aka Brass Knuckles aka he's wearing solid gold ones with Diamonds in them... Aka dont ever get hit with them. This is a man who has knocked out more people than Iron Mike and one of the only people i have ever heard of knocking out a police dog. Not a poilice man a police dog. Right. So He did a little video drop for me and smacked my dick wich was a lil odd and scary at the same time. I doubt any one woulda done shit about it either. He was really cool and funny as fuck.

So now it gets even better. We were talking and he kept mentioning this sex dungeon and for some reason it wasnt really clicking in that he was saying he had a sex dungeon. Maybe its because it was one in the morning and a gangster just walked into my living room and smacked me in the jeans.... Fuck.. or maybe i was on my high horse thinking yeah i got one of those in miami... psshhhh who doesnt have a sex dungeon.. ok So the next morning it hit me. Why not shoot a video in his crazy house. So i youtubed dave courtney and sure enough his house came up.. So this house is perfect for the video for this song we did with High Rankin.....See below. The song is about being trapped in a crazy relationship...

High Rankin & Evolve Or Die VS Wizard Sleeve - Lockdown (Explicit) by Wizard Sleeve

Oh and here is the tour of his house!!

Monday, 22 November 2010

I be slanging bricks on Brick Lane.

So every Sunday I have created a ritual with my fellow professional fat person..Although she is very far from fat(im way more fat then her) we use that term loosely. We hit Brick Lane on sunday's for the super dope market full of super fresh things such as foods from all over the world, independent clothing and jewelry designers , records, vintage clothes, did I mention food?

This is how professional fatties get down>>

Heres a blurry crowd shot from a side street in brick lane

I just cant explain how much i really enjoy the different markets in England and mostly in London. You can get anything you want there. I know im just a nerd but its really the simple things that i enjoy in life!!! Clubbing and all that shit got old a while ago. This for me is great and new. Who wouldn't like to try some weird ass food from around the world??.. If you mumbled "me" while reading this we can no longer be friends.
Ok enough with my love for markets... I know its not hip hop to like shit like that, but i think i have just denounced my self as a part of whats cool in trade for dumplings and cupcakes. Word..
So later on that day, The lovely young lady we shall call KK had a gig dancing for the knocks. See video below. But before you do that look at the ridiculous pics of me wearing her wig and friend Mel's Fur coat...I know, another un- hip hop thing for me to do!

Word.. Now that i have lost all credibility in the Hip Hop world I would Like to Put ya'll onto some dopesauce shit I found out about. This Concert that KK was dancing at was a show at XOYO in london off of Old Street. The Headlining act was a dope as Group Called Sleigh Bells and The Knocks opened for them. See Pic Below..
Followed by videos!!

The Knocks

Sleigh Bells

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hey Ma, Can U Hol Dis fo 1 Sec

So last night We traveled for 3.5 hrs north east to this tiny place by one of the many coasts of England Called Skegness. We were playing a headlining slot at the Big Reunion Festival. Oddly enough the name of the town "Skegness" aka "Skeggy" and the name of the Venue "Buttlins" were in heavy conversation for most of the ride up there. Lots of dark roads and no direct motorways made it have that I'm in sleepy hollow feel or texas chainsaw massacre. This place was pretty crazy. It was like a holiday amusement park with hotels attached to it. So people just rent rooms , go party and walk to their hotels and get waisted and have orgy's....So I heard. I have said this before and i will say this again.. I attract Crazy people.
See Video Below.

So after Tearing Down The Roof at the festival (see pic below)

The we decided to stumble around the crowd and take some pics with fans and harass unsuspecting club festival goers. With amazing timing not only did i slide a wizard sleeve business card in between some butt cheeks and hand rail , I also managed to snap a pic with graceful timing!
So with that being said....SEE PIC BELOW!!

Soo yeah we didnt spend the night at buttlins otherwise there would be a lot more for me to talk about. Drove straight back to London and put my self to be with an episode of Californication!!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Theophilus London - I want you

Not a new release but a great one. If you haven't heard this dude then u should dl this if you are into some cross over hip hop shit!
I think this is such a dope mixtape. This dude brings something fresh to the table. Plus the ladies dig it. Im a ladies man so this is cool with me!


Heartbreaks & Cupcakes

(Vol. 2) Heartbreaks and Cupcakes: a mix by Alexander Cross by Heartbeats Unlimited

The Eternal Quest For Happiness

Sometimes this quest can be mis-leading. Most people start in the wrong places. Most people start their quest externally. Thats what my homie NFA told me last night at his going away party.
Ironically enough prior to that conversation I was thinking about happiness in general. What Makes me happy and why do i search for this damn thing all the time? Its like a damn drug. I keep searching for that high.That high that makes me smile in my mind. That high that sends me across the world to chase things aren't certain.That same high that makes me one of the most impulsive people on earth....So.... Finally on my way to the club it hit me. I say it all the time, "Too much of a good thing is never good". You cant be happy every second of the day! Its just not natural.That would erase the balance of lifes emotions. Cool, so now some of you might be way more emotionally advanced than me and figured this out a while ago but I'm not that smart(my thinks I am). So now where do I cash in my new found wisdom dollars? I think I will Save that for another Blog.

In the meantime your Emo blogger has just received an email with the front cover design for my solo album that i started in 07 and finished in 2009. Unfortunately this album will probably never see the light of day as a release. Its a very personal album and it talks about all my fuck ups and so -on. So if you know me and want it shoot me an email.

Friday, 19 November 2010

High Rankin

So on my journeys through england I have met some amazing people. Cool , funny, genuine, weird, smelly , over compensating and just plain old odd. A month or so ago I met this this guy during a studio session in Brighton.Some might say he is as much of a character as Mike Beatz and I.He's not smelly although his pal Scott Diaz would probably disagree. Hes a really good dude who makes awesome music as well as his hetero life partner Scott ! We kicked it off and made some quality music. Now I would like to show you some of the stuff he puts out virally through his label Suicide dub. Its quite funny and his music is dope as fuck.. For dubstep :)

Latest tracks by High Rankin

I-Pods Have destroyed music.

Now i know people are probably thinking wtf. Let me explain. With Ipods came the mp3 format. A format that compresses music into a small file to take up less space. Format tht is easy and fast to share and download. Not really caring about how the music sounds. So now as time passes and stereo systems all convert to play mp3 files things become shitty. People listen to music off of iPods with shitty iPod head phones. Stereo systems are now laptop speakers and Ipod docks. Now i love my iPod but i am so anal about my music and the quality of my mp3's. I wont let anything under 320 kbps touch my iTunes. Mp3 and ipods have helped music become shitty and disposable.with the abd there is now Good and The good thing about this is with Company's like Bang and Olufsen who truly value sound and design you can enjoy music again even if its from an mp3! They have just created the ultimate ipod dock that also works with ipads!! what does that mean? you can throw away your 20 dollar ipod alarm clock piece of shit and get something functional, that sounds amazing, looks dope and feels great. Do it!!! I know I sound like I work for them, well I used to. Seriously I love what they make and I truly enjoy their porducts!! Save music! Listen to it how the artist intended on you hearing it!
peep Game!!

Never Trust a big butt and a smile.

Wizard Sleeve did a show in Camden, London at Proud Galleries a few weeks back. One of the stage performers had an amazing ass. This just needs to be seen by butt aficionado's.

Fuck I love this song!!!!

James Blake - Limit To Your Love from James Blake on Vimeo.


So my good homie Dave from Aquasky sent me this dope mix yesterday. A lil bit of breaks, dubstep and drum n bass. or what i like to call german bass. cuz if you say drum n bass and german bass fast u cant tell the difference. boom. Enjoy

*download* Aquasky Nov. 2010 mixtape by Dave Aquasky

Super Sick Video - WIZZ/Collectif des Gobelins 'Todor & Petru'

WIZZ/Collectif des Gobelins 'Todor & Petru' from Blacklist on Vimeo.

Preface Poo

So i found myself constantly updating facebook and twitter with random shit i found online. So instead of bombarding people with shit all day I figured I could have a place all to my own full of all the dumb shit and odd shit I like. A place that I could have all to my self . A place full of spelling and grammar errors. I like lots of things so maybe somewhere out there there are people who share the same things i enjoy. Not that i'm doing anything new, just finding another vice in my life.
Yours Truly