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Monday, 22 November 2010

I be slanging bricks on Brick Lane.

So every Sunday I have created a ritual with my fellow professional fat person..Although she is very far from fat(im way more fat then her) we use that term loosely. We hit Brick Lane on sunday's for the super dope market full of super fresh things such as foods from all over the world, independent clothing and jewelry designers , records, vintage clothes, did I mention food?

This is how professional fatties get down>>

Heres a blurry crowd shot from a side street in brick lane

I just cant explain how much i really enjoy the different markets in England and mostly in London. You can get anything you want there. I know im just a nerd but its really the simple things that i enjoy in life!!! Clubbing and all that shit got old a while ago. This for me is great and new. Who wouldn't like to try some weird ass food from around the world??.. If you mumbled "me" while reading this we can no longer be friends.
Ok enough with my love for markets... I know its not hip hop to like shit like that, but i think i have just denounced my self as a part of whats cool in trade for dumplings and cupcakes. Word..
So later on that day, The lovely young lady we shall call KK had a gig dancing for the knocks. See video below. But before you do that look at the ridiculous pics of me wearing her wig and friend Mel's Fur coat...I know, another un- hip hop thing for me to do!

Word.. Now that i have lost all credibility in the Hip Hop world I would Like to Put ya'll onto some dopesauce shit I found out about. This Concert that KK was dancing at was a show at XOYO in london off of Old Street. The Headlining act was a dope as Group Called Sleigh Bells and The Knocks opened for them. See Pic Below..
Followed by videos!!

The Knocks

Sleigh Bells

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