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Friday, 19 November 2010

I-Pods Have destroyed music.

Now i know people are probably thinking wtf. Let me explain. With Ipods came the mp3 format. A format that compresses music into a small file to take up less space. Format tht is easy and fast to share and download. Not really caring about how the music sounds. So now as time passes and stereo systems all convert to play mp3 files things become shitty. People listen to music off of iPods with shitty iPod head phones. Stereo systems are now laptop speakers and Ipod docks. Now i love my iPod but i am so anal about my music and the quality of my mp3's. I wont let anything under 320 kbps touch my iTunes. Mp3 and ipods have helped music become shitty and disposable.with the abd there is now Good and The good thing about this is with Company's like Bang and Olufsen who truly value sound and design you can enjoy music again even if its from an mp3! They have just created the ultimate ipod dock that also works with ipads!! what does that mean? you can throw away your 20 dollar ipod alarm clock piece of shit and get something functional, that sounds amazing, looks dope and feels great. Do it!!! I know I sound like I work for them, well I used to. Seriously I love what they make and I truly enjoy their porducts!! Save music! Listen to it how the artist intended on you hearing it!
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