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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Life The Freak show..

OOOOH WOW!! where do I even begin with this. So last week I got woken up to one of Britain's most notorious Gangsters in my living room with his daughter and wife and daughters friend. Random,yes...Odd , yes... Scary,a bit.... So it was around 1 in the morning and they strolled in with my house mate Ian. Long story short, we took some pictures and chopped it a up a bit.. See pic below. ..
So those lovely shiney things on our hands are Knuckle Dusters aka Brass Knuckles aka he's wearing solid gold ones with Diamonds in them... Aka dont ever get hit with them. This is a man who has knocked out more people than Iron Mike and one of the only people i have ever heard of knocking out a police dog. Not a poilice man a police dog. Right. So He did a little video drop for me and smacked my dick wich was a lil odd and scary at the same time. I doubt any one woulda done shit about it either. He was really cool and funny as fuck.

So now it gets even better. We were talking and he kept mentioning this sex dungeon and for some reason it wasnt really clicking in that he was saying he had a sex dungeon. Maybe its because it was one in the morning and a gangster just walked into my living room and smacked me in the jeans.... Fuck.. or maybe i was on my high horse thinking yeah i got one of those in miami... psshhhh who doesnt have a sex dungeon.. ok So the next morning it hit me. Why not shoot a video in his crazy house. So i youtubed dave courtney and sure enough his house came up.. So this house is perfect for the video for this song we did with High Rankin.....See below. The song is about being trapped in a crazy relationship...

High Rankin & Evolve Or Die VS Wizard Sleeve - Lockdown (Explicit) by Wizard Sleeve

Oh and here is the tour of his house!!

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