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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hey Ma, Can U Hol Dis fo 1 Sec

So last night We traveled for 3.5 hrs north east to this tiny place by one of the many coasts of England Called Skegness. We were playing a headlining slot at the Big Reunion Festival. Oddly enough the name of the town "Skegness" aka "Skeggy" and the name of the Venue "Buttlins" were in heavy conversation for most of the ride up there. Lots of dark roads and no direct motorways made it have that I'm in sleepy hollow feel or texas chainsaw massacre. This place was pretty crazy. It was like a holiday amusement park with hotels attached to it. So people just rent rooms , go party and walk to their hotels and get waisted and have orgy's....So I heard. I have said this before and i will say this again.. I attract Crazy people.
See Video Below.

So after Tearing Down The Roof at the festival (see pic below)

The we decided to stumble around the crowd and take some pics with fans and harass unsuspecting club festival goers. With amazing timing not only did i slide a wizard sleeve business card in between some butt cheeks and hand rail , I also managed to snap a pic with graceful timing!
So with that being said....SEE PIC BELOW!!

Soo yeah we didnt spend the night at buttlins otherwise there would be a lot more for me to talk about. Drove straight back to London and put my self to be with an episode of Californication!!

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