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Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Eternal Quest For Happiness

Sometimes this quest can be mis-leading. Most people start in the wrong places. Most people start their quest externally. Thats what my homie NFA told me last night at his going away party.
Ironically enough prior to that conversation I was thinking about happiness in general. What Makes me happy and why do i search for this damn thing all the time? Its like a damn drug. I keep searching for that high.That high that makes me smile in my mind. That high that sends me across the world to chase things aren't certain.That same high that makes me one of the most impulsive people on earth....So.... Finally on my way to the club it hit me. I say it all the time, "Too much of a good thing is never good". You cant be happy every second of the day! Its just not natural.That would erase the balance of lifes emotions. Cool, so now some of you might be way more emotionally advanced than me and figured this out a while ago but I'm not that smart(my thinks I am). So now where do I cash in my new found wisdom dollars? I think I will Save that for another Blog.

In the meantime your Emo blogger has just received an email with the front cover design for my solo album that i started in 07 and finished in 2009. Unfortunately this album will probably never see the light of day as a release. Its a very personal album and it talks about all my fuck ups and so -on. So if you know me and want it shoot me an email.

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