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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Eternal Reflections

I have had the most hectic crazy busy week. As it comes to a wind down I have been reflecting a bit on the last few yrs.. It feels like ages since i was living in my car. Now i have no car and I'm traveling the world to do music. Anyhow its been an emotional week for a number of reasons. Some i wont get it into. The other day I woke up with an urge to cry. Not sure why but I was choked up. Couldn't figure why i was feeling like that. Almost like I had lost someone. I actually have been pretty happy as of lately. Maybe its the universe trying to tell me something. I'm not sure what though... Later on that day I found out that my friend / English sister just lost her grandma that day..My prayers go out to her and her loved ones.  Odd. I swear i haven't had 1 sec to stop and think about whats goin on lately. Life is crazy. Just how things happen. People come in and out your life. Move, come back, disappear, fall in out of love and so forth. I know this post seems a bit scattered but that just kinda how I feel at the moment. Just on the verge of something big but everything is scattered and the pieces are slowly coming together. So in honor of the future lets reflect on the past. With that being said, heres some stuff i dropped in the past couple yrs that might be slept on!!

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