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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Vulkan The Krusader - The Lucy Naive Mixtape

What can I say bout this tape.. First of all Who is this Lucy chick? She fuckin pulled a number on this guy from what I hear. But in all fairness, this is his side of the story. Heartbreaks? We have all been there. This one was obviously some serious shit because it inspired a whole mixtape. I been hearing bout this tape for over a yr and wasnt sure what to expect. Did the hype live up to the expectations? Well let me start by saying I have known V for about 5 yrs or so. I think.. who knows. All that time I have never heard him rap. So i was waiting for this tape to hear what the kid got. So being a fellow emo I know what it is to make music and projects based on some emotion.God knows I have done a share of those in my non existent solo career.   With that being said .I think the tape is dope. It lets you inside his mind and heart with tales of fly shit a this lucy chick. I can sit here and say a whole lot more but you know my blog. ...Everything On here I think is DOPESAUCE.. So DL This shit.. Now..


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