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Monday, 11 April 2011


Taken from Rob Riggs SoundCloud

"It was really nice to come together and collaborate with a guy who lives clear across the country from me, whom which we each have different styles and approaches musically, but still completely completed each other. A lot of the remixes/blends were made exclusive to this mix by Miki, about 95% of the scratches by myself, and the track selection was around 50/50. I just really had a group of new songs that were all over the board and said "These are songs I am really feeling at the moment, lets make them fit". Here is that product..

Very excited for this mix to finally be released. Mikiwar and myself originally had a project done together and near finished almost a year ago, but the software/computer gods had different plans for that one ever seeing the light of day. In retrospect, I am glad, because when we sat down together this year to re-plan our new collaboration, what we came up with was completely different then our previous direction, a lot of fun, and just a way less typical mix then most DJs are releasing lately.

If anyone is wondering what a track is, leave a timed a comment and I'll be happy to answer. If you guys want to check out Mikiwar, go to or @mikiwar on Twitter."

Electric Relaxation (MikiWAR & RobRiggs) by DJ Rob Riggs

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