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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Back Door Wrestlers (Pause, YUTE)

Funny Story.... So I was talking to my boy D-Schwartz on gmail bout shooting a video for some track we did a while back. As usual I wanted to go the funny route because well, i just dont take myself that serious anymore. Then it hit me, lets do some video with backyard wrestling and shit.. So I instantly went to google. I typed in some shit. Got some contacts start hittin them up.
Then I get this shit out of Pembroke pines Called TKO Productions.
I sent a text  and it all went down hill from there.... See below how it went down...

Me: What up, just got your number from facebook and wanted to shoot a video with back yard wrestling in it. Just wondering what it would take to make that happen.

(2hrs later)
TKO PROD: U r a homosexual young boy

Me: LOL???? I think I have The wrong number. My bad..

TKO PROD: No, You have the right number. I just Think ur Gay As Fuck...

Me: So this is when i reply back with a diss and you try to wrestle me?

Then he makes me wait a while for the text that totally owned me.....
an SMS of..........

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