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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

DJ Khalil -What You Laughing at?[MixTape]

My boy DJ Khalil from the UK's Livin' Proof Crew just blessed me with this dope ass mixtape he did full all them internet youtube smash hits that been makin us laugh for ever. If you're not as dumb as me (and chances are you are not) then you might not get or understand these tracks....But if you are quite the special child then you will be more than familiar with these youtube classics. Enough of my rambling!! Enjoy.

01.The Lonely Island & Justin Timberlake - Mother Lover
02.Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers - Bed Intruder Song
03.Kanye West (South Park)- Gay Fish 3
04.Jackie Moon - Love Me Sexy
05.The Lonely Island & Justin Timberlake - Dick In A Box
06.Bangs - Take U To Da Movies
07.The Grand Spectacular - Being A Dickhead's Cool
08.Natalie Portman & The Lonely Island - Natalie's Rap
09.Yeo Boyz Ft. Lil' Massey - Yeo Valley
10.Chris Rock - Delta Airline Skit
11.4tissimo - Hip Hopera Gold Digger
12.Doc Brown - Tru Pimp
13.Flight Of The Conchords - Mutha'uckas
14.Doc Brown - Grandpa Dave
15.The Simpsons - Travel Tips Skit
16.Wiz Boy Ft. J Martins - Screen Saver (Remix)
17.Flight Of The Conchords - Hurt Feelings
18.Eric Cartman - Poker Face
19.The Lonely Island & Will Ferral - Cool Guys Dont Look At Explosions
20.Party Fun Action Commitee - I Shoulda Known
21.Stewie Griffin - On The List
22.Anchorman - Afternoon Delight

What You Laughing At? by Dj Khalil (Livin' Proof)

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