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Monday, 13 December 2010


What is GTPS?.. In a mad rage of boredom in a place far a way called hi-top studio in the yr 2006 I grabbed a magic marker and wrote GTPS 4EVA on my knuckles. It was Me, Mike Beatz, Verbal Kush, CMS , DJ KillWill and the DJ Formally known as Trippin. GTPS was an acronym for a new way of life. It was mostly a joke and random thing I made up to pass time when the studio and store was slow. It stands for many things but its main meaning is Get That Paper Son(shunnnn). In 2007 it went from our mixtape and way of life to a tattoo on the inside of my palm as a reminder that I must turn this passion of music into money.So far so good. Since then we have been starting a movement. Now we have a total of 5(and counting GTPS Tattoos floating around the world. Get one.. I dare You!

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