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Saturday, 18 December 2010

I Like what you Hate

To most of you This is just another over priced moon boot. But to me it is perfection in basket ball shoe. I have alsways had a soft spot for these kicks although I didn't own more than one pair till last yr. Most of my friends in NY were into them in the late 90's but I was more into trying to get laid and doing the newest drug on the market while dancing like retard at some rave in wide leg jeans with a 90 inch flare.... Yeah I know, Another not so hip hop thing to add to the many not so hip hop things a guy who is a full time rapper does.. What ever.
Anyway, God bless Penny and the Orlando Magic. Anyway another fresh color way to drop and I want IT!!!!
That and the Jordan XII Altitude retros that just dropped.

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