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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lunch Box

So in the most recent events and junk yard searches I have found a new vice for something I don't want or need.I have been in the most pain as of recent with some damn back issues that occurred this past week and thrift hunting and flea market treasure quests is one of the last things I should be concerned with. But who cares about back pain? Riding through Davie & Hollywood on a borrowed bike with low air pressure in the tires with a twisted back is way better than sitting at home cryin about it.....Right?
     Must I remind you that I'm a huge nerd, and according the the actor Simon Pegg, Being a nerd isn't about how you look its mostly bout being obsessive over dumb shit that most people think is dumb. Things like star wars, star trrek, magic and what ever else your vice is.  As a nerd I will admit getting laid wasn't an issue cuz
I hid my inner nerd well. Now im full force out of the nerd closet. Amongst the my new lunch box collecting which I must admit isn't for me I also collect vintage video games and consoles, toys, sneakers, glasses and hip hop memorabilia but not limited to vintage electronics and random shit people have no use for. On my journey through the world of dusty shit and smelly clothes I Stumbled upon yet another boxed Intelevision (I already own one)  and whole pile of used ones. I must go back to collect them but I shall never reveal my sources so dont ask where I Spotted Them.  I also Stumbled upon This super dopesauce Planet of the Apes Lunch  Box from the 70's with the O.G Thermos in It and Ramones Lunch Box from 2002 brand new. So yeah. Im a dork and get over it. I get's Laid.

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