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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

New Kids In My Shower!

So I just moved in to this small apt with my mom and her friend. Typical move where everything isnt quite there yet. No living room set, no tv's, no internet and most of all no shower curtains.. So in the hunt for something to use in place of the lovely algae collecting plastic fun we call shower curtains it hit me. I could just use a bed sheet! The hunt is on. looking, looking, looking and boom it hits me. Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight,Jonathan Rashleigh Knight, Joseph Mulrey McIntyre, Donald Edmund Wahlberg,Daniel Wood were there just chillin in my moms closet.... Who are these people ? NKOTB! Better known as new kids on the block. So now every time i Take a shower or make a bowel movement I have to look at this boy band! Boom! life is...... ODD!!

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