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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Something Retro On My Necklace

So In the midst of boredom one day while I was on a mad thrift hunt I came across an old Zelda Cartridge for the O.G. Nintendo system. Those of you who even go back long enough to have played it when it came out shout probably tend to your family or do something responsible instead of being like me posting random blogs. At the moment I am sitting outside my moms house stealing internet from the auto-body shop just for the sole purpose of posting this blog.....Yeah Im a rapper who has had a fair amount of success and needs to steal internet. Ok, so back to my rant..

Zelda and Link(the sequel) Came in Gold as a collectors item. The game itself looks mad dopesauce and I decided one day to just slap in on a dookie rope chain and wear it for the "different over here" video shoot featuring California's U-N-I, Streets Buchanon(miami), BK Cyph(Brooklyn ...duh) and me. Besides that video shoot being a nightmare and me looking like an absolute mad man. I didnt shave for weeks and for some reason I thought small clothing and a mad man beard would be a good look.... def not the case. Actually I was so stressed out and my boy dro took a picture of me at an extremely stressed moment with me wearing all my zelda bling and posted it on the main page of . ... Well soon after, that Picture became viral landing my dumb ass on many websites including These brilliant sites that have not only Proclaimed me a geek and hipster but have had thousands of views and coments...... Yeah my hip hop points have dwindled into the negatives after this..

But besides being viral and dissed all over the internet, what started as a fresh Idea(at least to me it was) has become a gimmick that gets me into all types of fun and mischief and pictures are always taken. Most recently I was spotted at art basel during the MultiVersal Showcase.See Video Below

Last but not least Me and my brother from another odd mother who were posted on this Look at this fuckin Hipster website also have managed to inspire a line in this song called "Being A Dickhead Is Cool". The line is "Something Retro On My Necklace". So not only am I a geek & a hipster I also happen to be a dickhead.. Thank you god..

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