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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jet Lag and Stuff

Its funny how I only get jet lag when I come back to America. When its the other way around I seem to be good. I guess I really love the UK. In honor of Jet lag I will post some dope music! My friend Jessica who actually happens to be a unicorn trapped in a humans body posted this track on my wall on fb which i really hate. I hate it because it gets lost on my page and sometimes I miss shit when I'm traveling all over the world. I also would prefer an email with an mp3 attached to it so i can play the track out when im djing my lovely downtempo sets. Not that i wrote this to single her out or anything but hopefully she gets the picture. ....

So this LE Music group has some great artists I see. Look forward to hearing more.

Steven A. Clark - Super Hero by LE Music Group

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